Collect rent online

The most effective way to collect the rent from your tenants online and automatically.


Save time. Set up online the rent payment in 1 minute and that is done automatically every month.

Flexible configuration Set the amount of the rent, due dates, account where to receive the payments and accepted payment methods.

Instant View. Check all transactions on a site. Are your tenants paying late? We will send reminders and we will notify you as soon as they have paid. No stress, set it once and forget.

SSL security. Fast and safe. Your data and your money are 100% safe.

Real time 24/7. Real-time tracking of your tenants' payments through your control panel.

Notifications Automatic notifications about the status of your properties, payments, returns, ... and notice to tenants who have been late in payment.

15 days free trial


149 €/year/ 10 unit
  • Reports
  • Online signature
  • Management of online collections
  • Generation of reports. Income and expenses under control.
  • Notifications
  • Control panel of your occupation and income
  • Automated alerts and communications


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  • Real-time information
  • Online signature
  • Know when a property is free
  • Agent management
  • For real estate, family offices and large managers
  • Manage multiple landlords
  • Whitebrand

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