Rental income statement

Automatic calculation of the annual fiscal summary of managed dwellings, with the updated information of all deductible expenses and reductions. Easy, simple and saving.


Save money. Discover what reductions you have the right to. Automatic calculation of the reductions that you are entitled to.

Deductible expenses for landlords. Automatic calculation of deductible and non-deductible expenses for landlords.

Annual fiscal summary. Generation of a summary with the necessary information of charges and expenses linked to the rented good, with the deductible expenses and reductions. So that the introduction of the data of the declaration is not a problem and you save the maximum possible.

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149 €/year/ 10 unit
  • Reports
  • Online signature
  • Management of online collections
  • Generation of reports. Income and expenses under control.
  • Notifications
  • Control panel of your occupation and income
  • Automated alerts and communications


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  • Real-time information
  • Online signature
  • Know when a property is free
  • Agent management
  • For real estate, family offices and large managers
  • Manage multiple landlords
  • Whitebrand

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