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The Property Management Solution That Does It All
Automate, centralize, organize, save time and expense. Do it all. Efficiency won’t be just another word in your vocabulary. With Rentger, you’ll live it, every day. An integrated, end-to-end, web-based solution, it helps streamline all day-to-day operations. Centralize accounting, reporting, and spend management. Automate service requests and manage asset conditions – on the go. And organize and store electronic records and other digital compliance documents quickly and easily. It’s the one and only solution you’ll ever need for your property management business.

Manage every detail for conventional, affordable, and commercial properties of any size.
Grow your business with a scalable, customizable solution. Streamline functions for small or large communities.

It’s Not Just the Data, it’s What You Do with it.
There are a number of data aggregation platforms across the real estate and alternative investment landscape. But exposure to data alone isn’t the solution you’re seeking. You need a solution that allows you to make something out of the data. There is only one that goes above and beyond the data.

Put Yourself in Position to Achieve with the Only Platform That:
Allows you to aggregate, interpret and integrate data across all asset classes in any format Enables alignment across your entire real estate and alternative investment ecosystem Provides you with all the information you need, in a timely manner, to empower you to discover true insights

The all-in-one property management platform
Landlords, Rentger streamlines property management, reducing duplication so you can spend time doing the things you love.

Work across departments through one centralised platform; remove the need for multiple software products to manage commercial, residential or coworking office spaces. Access data in one place. All tenant, property and portfolio information is safely stored in Rentger.


Safely access your information on any device, anywhere in the world. Break free from the chains of desktop software and expensive servers. Rentger property management software is cloud-based, which means you can access your work anytime, anywhere, without the cost of maintaining hardware.

Your entire property business is safely stored in the cloud, meaning you can pick-up where you left off. 120,000 companies are moving into the cloud each month; you need to be one of them. Keeping your data secure is more important than it’s ever been - Rentger’s enterprise-level security ensures your critical information remains safe.

One Platform. One Solution. Effortless editing, sharing, and e-signing is just the tip of the iceberg – dotloop also helps you reduce error, stay compliant, and store transactions securely.

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