Control of the expenses of your rental property


Recurrent messages

Notifications of late payment

Sending of receipts and invoices

Automate communications, anytime, from anywhere

Communicate with homeowners, non-owner residents and board members, anytime, from anywhere. Send, track, and customize communications with all homeowners, non-owner residents, and board members via email, mail, and text. Access payment ledgers, directories, reports, pay bills online, and more via the online portal.


Create Customized Emails for Residents and Owners
Rentger's property management tools centralize all information so it's quick and easy to create and send personalized emails to residents and owners.

For residents
Send personalized three-day notices or other types of communication, like a regular marketing newsletter or note about an upcoming renewal.

For owners
Send announcements, newsletters or business updates.

Easily access past communications
Rentger also stores the complete history of all notifications sent, so you have access to past communications sent to both owners and residents.

Easier team collaboration
Work more efficiently by centralizing team activity and communication on one platform. Share accurate deal, tenant and market information in real-time to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Receive instant in-app alerts notifications when a team member comments. With dedicated portals for property owners, homeowners, residents and board members, Rentger lets you communicate clearly and conveniently.

With Rentger, you can:

create, store and manage work orders with easy access on any device generate purchase orders for required supplies directly from the work order for maximum transparency never lose a work order again, meaning greater productivity, safer properties, less emails and phone calls and increased resident satisfaction manage budgets effectively by tracking employee hours and purchase orders all in one place


Mass communications sent to tenants/landlords

Predefined messages

Tags on incidents. Two types of incidences: incidences and communications. Assign supplier to an incident. Generation of reports with resolved incidents, times and statistics.

Sending of massive notifications: email tenants, email owners, recurrent emails, sending receipts / invoices, sending delays in payment

Sending of reports

Sending Payment Notices

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