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Data Migration
Whether your data lives in an old software system or is even tucked away in file cabinets, our team can help you migrate your business information into Rentger. Rentger manages the hardest part of moving to new software for you. We apply our expertise by importing your existing data into our system. Once you provide us with all of your property, unit, lease, owner, resident, and vendor data, we’ll standardize the format to work with our data import tools and load it into our software.

Manual data entry can be time-consuming and a costly waste of resources. Rentger’s Data Migration service allows you to spend less time inputting your existing data, and get right into utilizing all that Rentger has to offer.

Pain-Free On-Boarding
We'll manage your onboarding from start to finish, ensuring seamless migration from your current system. We've designed Rentger with a focus on usability and customer experience, so you'll be using Rentger like a pro within minutes.

Customized Training Plan
We tailor a training plan to meet your unique business needs. We’ll help you identify the features that matter most for you to get up and running quickly—whether it’s accounting, leasing, communication, maintenance, etc. By focusing on what matters most to your business, we ensure that you are realizing value from the software at the outset.

The process of moving to new software can be challenging. But we make the onboarding process as easy as possible for you. As your trusted partner from day one, we minimize risk and ensure a smooth transition to our platform.

Migrate Data from Other Platforms
Making the transition from your current property management software is simple. We can quickly and easily migrate all of your property, owner, tenant and vendor data into your new Rentger account, while moving your data over to the Rentger’s cloud. Prior to data migration, you’ll have the opportunity to audit your data and identify any anomalies.

The ease of migration from our prior software with Rentger implementation team was seamless.

When you’re an Rentger customer, you are assigned a dedicated Client Services Manager at the point of data migration. This is a real person who is an expert in Rentger Property Manager and best practices on how to make the most of the software. Added bonus—they’re really friendly too! We provide you with a health check that allows you to address any data issues in your current system prior to going live in Rentger, reducing the risk and anxiety associated with switching to a new solution.


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