Digitise docs

Keep all important rental documents stored online - safely and conveniently


Easy Access. View or download rental documents anytime, anywhere. From IDs to rental contracts, they are all neatly stored along with other key tenancy information.

Digital Archive. We store your past tenants' files indefinitely, in a digital archive. You can access or export your data at any time. Forget sifting through piles of old papers, find any document instantly.

1-click. Have all the documents in one click, forget about searching files and folders. All documents ordered and easily accessible. Monitor the status of your properties, keep the documents organized and access them quickly

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149 €/year/ 10 unit
  • Reports
  • Online signature
  • Management of online collections
  • Generation of reports. Income and expenses under control.
  • Notifications
  • Control panel of your occupation and income
  • Automated alerts and communications


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  • Real-time information
  • Online signature
  • Know when a property is free
  • Agent management
  • For real estate, family offices and large managers
  • Manage multiple landlords
  • Whitebrand

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