Manages rental costs

Administre gastos recurrentes tales como: facturación de servicios públicos, jardinería o tarifas suplementarias que puede cobrar a sus inquilinos y dejar que el software genere automáticamente los cargos, recibos y facturas


Make tax prep easy. Organize and track your rental property expenses from anywhere.

Control of collections and payments of supplies and monthly payments

Receipts & invoicing

Split expense/supply.

Export/import Excel

Import Bank Movements

Track your expenses

Take the guesswork out of property and tenant accounting; Rentger provides an easy to use general ledger accounting system complete with all the reports that are easy to understand by both you and your CPA.


Your properties’ utility invoices are processed and paid fast, minimizing late fees.

The process automatically flags missing bills, immediately addresses utility notices, and minimizes shut-offs.

Analytics & Reporting
Track month-over-month and year-over-year usage and cost. All available through Rentger's advanced analytics tools and reports.

Expenses made simple
Track expenses per property, assign them tax categories, and attach images or receipts. You can even do it on the fly from your phone.

Exporting is a breeze
Whether you work with an accountant or file your own taxes, you can easily export your expenses, which are summarized by property and tax category, in Excel and PDF formats.

Store your receipts online
Point, snap, done. Track your property expenses from anywhere and store your receipts online. Finally, you can ditch those unruly spreadsheets and piles of receipts.


Job Cost
Control costs, track budgets and improve forecasts for greater profitability Manage finances for every size construction project with this full-service job costing and receivables solution. Easily manage your contracts, commitments and cash flow and stay on track to profitable results.

Control Costs
Gain tight cost control with automated over-budget monitoring. With a user-defined cost code structure, the system tracks your actual costs and compares them to the job budget. You get full visibility into all committed costs and change orders. Job cost and the general ledger are updated in real time when transactions are entered.

Bulk Tenant Charges
When you have multiple units with similar charges each month, such as utility charges, you can create tenant charges in bulk by uploading a pre-formatted spreadsheet with charge details into your Rentger database. Simply download the template to your computer and fill our charge amounts per unit, or send the spreadsheet to your utility company to fill out with charge amounts on your behalf.Once the spreadsheet is completed it can be uploaded directly to Rentger. All of the charges entered on the spreadsheet will be automatically created as Tenant Charges in your database, saving you time spent on manually entering multiple Tenant Charges.

Generate & Process Final Bills
Life is simple with multiple ways to generate and process final bills. This includes automated processes.

Expense Management
Utility Expense Management tracks your properties’ usage, expense, and rate data. Discover Usage Spikes Fast. Identify Utility Service Theft. Minimize Late Fees.

Get Comprehensive Reports
Strengthen reporting with options for receiving the information you need. Reports deliver information related to budget amounts, revisions, commitments, change orders and amounts billed to date per category. You can also run custom job cost analytics to create your own reports.

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