Track Income & Expenses

Complete system for revenue management, reporting, collection tracking and reminders


Income and Expense tracking

Automated Bank Transaction Imports

Deposit management

Take the guesswork out of property and tenant accounting; Rentger provides an easy to use general ledger accounting system complete with all the reports that are easy to understand.

Manage other recurring transactions such as: utility billing, landscaping or supplemental fees you may charge your tenants and let the software automatically generate the charges.


Bank movements
Automatically post, tap, and reconcile bank statements (Excel).

Update rent
Carry out increases of the rent and other concepts (services, consumptions, etc.).

Prepare rental receipts and send them to the electronic banking payment system (SEPA Standard). Generation of SEPA files the balances resulting from settlements.

More payment options. Less property risk
Provide tenants with the payment options they want–online and in cash–and minimize the risks of late rent, missed rent, theft and even fraud

Online payments made through the secure Rentger tenant portal can decrease rent processing time by over 40 percent while giving tenants the freedom to pay anywhere, anytime and by practically any electronic means including, bank account withdrawal via ACH, credit cards and debit cards. Check scanning enables the quick processing of traditional check payments.

Once the voucher is redeemed at the retailer, the payment is instantly verified and automatically recorded to the tenant ledger—no manual entry is necessary.


Rentger’s Payments solution fully integrates with the Rentger owner and tenant portals and reporting and accounting functions to deliver a more comprehensive automated experience that improves accuracy and saves time.

Enhance the tenant experience with more choices that set them up to succeed. The result is greater satisfaction that leads to increased lease renewals and a boost to brand reputation.

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