Automatic generation of real estate investment performance reports, income, expenses, balance, taxes and much more


Sort your expenses Find out what you spend your money on.

Control Panel. All your key data updated in real time.

Monitoring of collections and payments. Let not one of you escape. Automated.

Comparisons between periods. Know your evolution at all times.

Calculating taxes. With all the possible deductions for you to save.

Income reports for each property and the total of those you manage.

Reports of expenses. So you know in which you spend more and you can reduce the expenses.

Performance reports So you can know the evolution of your investment at all times.


Rentger offers an extensive collection of reports for your residential, commercial, student housing, and HOA & COA properties, with more reports being added all the time. Reports are easy to customize: you can adjust columns, select different fields and sort by different titles. Links within the reports allow you to drill down on specific items so you can get all of the information you need.


Real-Time Flexible Reporting

Export PDF and Excel

Make Data Driven Decisions


Improve Accuracy

Business Intelligence

At a glance stats and graphs of current and historical property performance.

Reach every growth goal and beyond with the most comprehensive, customizable and cost-effective property management platform designed to scale with your business.
Add your company’s financial transactions with simple forms provided by Rentger. Expenses that repeat every month—like your office’s rent, an insurance bill, or legal retainers—will be included automatically.
With our multi-layered reporting and analytics dashboard, get powerful insights into your business to boost efficiencies and identify revenue growth opportunities.


Company Financials
Manage your company and property financials in one place Side-by-side data makes accounting simple and headache-free. Manage incoming rent and security deposits, collect and automate fees, and pay bills online. If you have a vendor who works around the office and on managed properties, it’s easy to split the bill between company and property management costs.

Customizable Property Management Reporting Software
Rentger’s customizable reporting not only provides real-time updates on the health of your finances, but also gives you the power to narrow reports down to what you specifically need. Whether you’re checking a daily dashboard to keep a finger on the pulse of your business, or generating overview reports for owners and managers, you’ll reap the benefits of having both pristine, centralized accounting and robust, comprehensible reporting.

View and report on key financial metrics
In just a few clicks, view monthly profits, upcoming bills, and cash in the bank. In addition, balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, bank reconciliations, and transaction reports are right at your fingertips. Reporting across multiple dimensions and metrics

Stay organized and win more business with a modern toolset

Simplified client reporting
Save time preparing for your next meeting and focus on value-add activities. Instantly generate accurate client reports and maintain client trust with visibility and accountability. Easily generate a variety of reports based on market intelligence, leasing activity and inventory. Create the custom reports your clients need – export real-time data directly to Excel or PDF format. Compare and contrast differing tenant bids with multiple deal financials in one view.

Calculate the Benefits
Time-saving, simplified features and functionalities means quick, easy data imports—no more tedious, time-consuming template setup or collecting data from multiple sources. Intuitive, responsive design makes it easy to use, helping you get more done in less time.


Owner Statement

Income Statement

Expenses Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Balance Sheet

Profitability report

Group assets

Visualization of future and past revenues

Incidences report

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