Tenant Onboarding

Management software with tenant onboard


Fast and accurate process

Easy-to-understand reports

Totally safe for tenants


Approve quality residents automatically with better online screening
Select and retain low-risk residents with a proven online tenant screening system featuring comprehensive reports, reliable data and automated recommendations built into your Rentger leasing workflow.

Automate Your Workflow
Deliver a reliable, built-in screening process to provide your rental staff with clear, consistent direction that supports your business rules. Save on costs, increase efficiency and ensure applicants are screened uniformly and according to your objectives.

Quick and easy tenant screening fills vacancies with the right people.
Access full credit, criminal and eviction data Simply request a background check, and we’ll begin the screening process for you. The comprehensive screening results will appear in your account when they’re ready. They’re easy to read and understand, so you can quickly make an informed decision.

Accept or reject tenants easily
Set custom credit score requirements for each property to receive recommendations based on data collected from applicants. Notify prospective residents as soon as they’ve been accepted, and seamlessly add them into the tenant management system to begin accepting payments.

Informs you via email when an interested tenant. Send email rejections and acceptances. Customize email messages.

Visit calendar accesible to leads


Free online rental application forms translate into quicker responses, no duplication and best of all, no paper to lose! Share, review, rate and accept the best of the bunch.

Know your tenants. Save precious time. Avoid defaults. Rentger now offers two industry leading methods to find great tenants and keep bad tenants out.

Digital Lease Agreements
Great tenant/landlord relationships start at the beginning – with clear terms, expectations and responsibilities. Customize Rentger's prebuilt applications to meet local requirements, then send your soon-to-be tenants an online Lease Agreement and get it signed electronically. Or, simply store your own in Rentger.

This report helps you identify top applicants with confidence. Regardless of your applicants credit history, pre-screen reports provide you with a deep quantitative understanding of their character, making it fast and easy for you to approve a quality applicant.

Minimize Risk With Analytics
Get better insight into applicant traffic and use performance reporting to make strategic decisions for your properties.

Increase Your Net Rental Income
Reduce loss from collections and evictions with cost-effective screening to retain low-risk residents and improve your bottom line.

Let Rentger help with the things you need most to make your landlording super efficient and stress free.


Move in renters faster

Increase occupancy rates

Find high-quality renters

Reduce the risk of bad debt

No calling previous landlords

We help you in everything

24-hour support means you're never alone.

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