How to screen tenants

Manage your rental requests and only show your property those tenants really interested

The smart alternative for rent management

We are convinced that the long-term rental space is the next industry to be transformed by technology, and our entire team believes that simplicity, simplification and security in rental contracts, here at Rentger, our goal is to make both owners and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process.

In Rentger you can manage and have everything related to your rent under control, with the reach of your hand, a tool adapted to your needs from the signing of the online contract to the collection of the rent online, from the management of communications with your tenants to reminders of important dates, from tax return to full control over profitability. Anywhere. Anytime. At one click.

Create a new request

In 3 seconds with the url of your ad.

Select the documents

Select the documents of your requirement for the tenants.

Select the documents

Tenants who complete the application can access your visit calendar and select the visit.

Show your calendar

Only the tenants that accomplish the requirements can see your calendar of visits.

Share your link

Share your link request with your potential tenants for get his documentation.

Tenant schedule a date

The tenant that accomplish the requirements can select and schedule a day to visit the property of your free calendar.

Screen tenants

From your profile you can screen tenants and make the selection that fits better saving time.

Document management

You can see easily all the docs that upload the potential tenants and request information about them.

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149 €/year/ 10 unit
  • Reports
  • Online signature
  • Management of online collections
  • Generation of reports. Income and expenses under control.
  • Notifications
  • Control panel of your occupation and income
  • Automated alerts and communications


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  • Real-time information
  • Online signature
  • Know when a property is free
  • Agent management
  • For real estate, family offices and large managers
  • Manage multiple landlords
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