Manage your properties online. Rentger (Rent Manager) helps home owners and professionals to manage digital rent, in one place.

What is Rentger?

Property Management Software
SaaS to save time and money on all processes related to the rental (electronic signature, communications and payments)
You can manage all your properties from one place and with processes fully centralized and automated.

Where enter Rentger?

We manage online from the moment of signing until the end of the transaction. rent.
We provide owners and managers with the tool to save time and money in the management of their properties.

How can you save money with Rentger?

Communications management
Debt collection automation
Automated warnings
Management of expenses
Revenue management
Report generation (performance, settlements, ...)

Alerts and notifications

Recurrent Notifications

Future alerts and notifications

Customize messages notifications and emails

Automatic messages

Incidence and repair management

Alert calendar

Massive notifications

Documentary management

Save your documents. Secure save.

Access to your documents from anywhere and at any time

Share you documents

Drag & drop massive load

Electronic signature

Search documents

Contract generator

Online inventory


Tenant management

Landlord management

Providers management

Online portal

Permissions management

Leads management

Requests management

Tenant Screening

Search online users and documents

Management of rental requests

Set the necessary documents for interested tenants to apply to your property.

Select your schedule for visits

Tenants who complete the application can access your visit calendar and select the visit.

Filter the tenant requests and choose the tenant you prefer

Reduce the number of visits to your property by showing it only to those who are really interested and meet your requirements.

Check the profiles of prospective tenants at a glance and make the right decision with confidence.


Recurrent rents

Recurrent expenses

Automatic alerts

Automatic bank reconciliation

Bank integration

Online payments

Recurrent notifications

Collect rent online

Save time. Set up online the rent payment in 1 minute and that is done automatically every month.

Flexible configuration Set the amount of the rent, due dates, account where to receive the payments and accepted payment methods.

Instant View. Check all transactions on a site. Are your tenants paying late? We will send reminders and we will notify you as soon as they have paid. No stress, set it once and forget.

SSL security. Fast and safe. Your data and your money are 100% safe.

Real time 24/7. Real-time tracking of your tenants' payments through your control panel.

Notifications Automatic notifications about the status of your properties, payments, returns, ... and notice to tenants who have been late in payment.



Rents, expenses and supplies


Recurrent rents and expenses

Split expenses and supplies

Sign rental contract online

Electronic signature. Optimize the signature experience. Send documents to sign whitout having to install any applications. Easy, simple and fast.

Certified electronic delivery. Logs the delivery of contracts and signature requests, emails, ...

Electronic identification. Validate the identity of your clients thanks yo our digital reading system.

Legal. Legal and certified validity in all communications, everything from your email without the need for a signature / electronic ID.

Paperless. Save on paper and transparently manage your lease online.

Notifications. Automatic notifications about the status of your properties, payments, returns, ... and notice to tenants who have been late in payment.


Vacancy Dashboard

Automatic notifications: contract end, renew contract, rent updates, visits, end of services, ...

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook and Microsoft 365



Role-Based Security

Data security

Information is secured with the latest technology


Access your data anytime



Sort your expenses Find out what you spend your money on.

Control Panel. All your key data updated in real time.

Monitoring of collections and payments. Let not one of you escape. Automated.

Comparisons between periods. Know your evolution at all times.

Calculating taxes. With all the possible deductions for you to save.

Income reports for each property and the total of those you manage.

Reports of expenses. So you know in which you spend more and you can reduce the expenses.

Performance reports So you can know the evolution of your investment at all times.






Sending of receipts and invoices


Manage repairs

Comments. Allow your inquirers to file their repair requests online. Answer to request more information or to organize a visit. That easy.

Monitoring of the state. Notify your tenant that your application is being processed.

Notify your tenants when the management is finished.

Manage the expenses of repairs so you can deduct and save at the time of making the declaration of income.


Custom developments

White label

Help center


And more



Custom messages

Custom tags


Ditch the Spreadsheets
Managing your rentals is a snap Rentger tracks all the essentials for you. Like People, Income, Expenses, Expiring Leases, Rent Increases, Vacancies and Overdue Rent… and more, like Transactions. In fact, Rentger can pull in bank transactions automatically, so you don’t have to. That’s the way it should be!

Stay Organized
Relax. All your records are in one, central place. Let Rentger help with the things you need most to make your landlording experience super efficient and stress-free.

Saving you time, and more importantly, money.
Our software has the sole objective of resulting in a better bottom line for your property management company. With the day-to-day operations of property managers kept in mind, our system features everything required to make the most efficient business model for your brand. All your needs are now together in one unified property management system. Available on any browser-enabled device.

15 days free trial


1-10 assets
  • Property accounting software
  • Tracking & Reconciliation
  • Document management
  • Alerts
  • Incidence management
  • User management
  • Automatizations
  • Reports
  • Calendars
  • Data Migration


+50 assets
  • Property accounting software
  • Tracking & Reconciliation
  • Document management
  • Alerts
  • Incidence management
  • User management
  • Automatizations
  • Reports
  • Calendars
  • Data Migration

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