Property Rent Manager

Take the control. Save time. Save money.


Discover what you spend your money on.

Do not miss one.

All your key data updated in real time.

Know your evolution at all times Make an estimate of the performance of future real estate investments.

All necessary finance models.

Monitor payments and collect rent online Set rental payments online and forget about checking bank transfers.


1.99 €/mes/prop
  • Price per unit
  • Online signature
  • Management of online collections
  • Generation of reports. Income and expenses under control.
  • Notifications
  • Control panel of your occupation and income


  • Online signature
  • Real-time information
  • Know when a property is free
  • Agent management
  • For real estate, family offices and large managers
  • Generation of reports

Personalized attention

We help you in the management you need.

Eliminate vendor paperwork

Manage and pay vendor expenses alongside company bills. Track productivity so work orders are assigned to the most efficient vendors.

Save time

Reduce time spent on property management by 70%

Reduce risk

Receive alerts and reminders related to legal and financial data


Reduce phone calls and emails by allowing residents to submit maintenance requests and manage payments from their mobile device. Share updates via text and post important notices to the resident portal announcement board.

Easy Setup & Use

Our services are intuitive, so much so that you probably won’t need the help of our responsive support team, but we’re available anytime if you do! The help section also has tons of easy-to-follow diagrams and training videos to get you familiar with our program.

Tenant Portal

Helps reduce your tenant 

Manage Tenants

Easily add, edit, and manage tenants. Send notifications and info with a simple click.

Access important business metrics

Know the degree of occupation, profitability, amortizations and expenses of your properties.

Track maintenance



Manage Rentals. Drive Efficiency in Your Processes (i.e. Save Time & Money). Access your data from anywhere. Save time by sharing documents and statements with owners online.

Collect Rent. Accept online payments and streamline your rent. Accounting Manage company and property finances with full general ledger accounting. Easily collect rent online. Automatically generate and track payments.

Resolve maintenance issues more efficiently. Resolve maintenance issues quickly with online work orders. Save money on costly things like paper, supplies, and storage; and avoid the costs associated with processing checks and mailing owner packets.

Easy Reporting. See an immediate return on your investment. you can spend time doing the things you love. Our reports help you 
improve profitablity.

Mobility for the Modern Property Manager. Online rent collection means no more trips to the bank. Plus, you can organize all aspects of your property management business, saving you time and frustration.

Automate everything. Find information fast. You’ll keep your expenses organized, preventing missed tax deductions. Send, sign, and store leases online. You'll see immediate results and cost-savings using a cloud-based solution.

How much you can save with Rentger?

You could save up to:

800 €/year

On agency and real estate expenses
You could save up to:

800 €/year

In the taxes income statement