About us

We are the first platform that streamlines negotiations between managers, owners and tenants, automating the management of documentation, deposit payments, rent payments or communications between the parties. Fast and transparent, the rental signed electronically.

Our mission: Give freedom

We help save time and money in comprehensive rental management in an easy and simple way. Automatic, intelligent and usable management from a single site and from anywhere.

Rentger aims to bring transparency and automation to all tasks in the rental management process.
When a management company or owner needs to draft a rental contract, sign it, or track their payments, they have everything organized in an easy, simple, and usable way in Rentger.

Rentger is more than a management or software company: it's a way of life. Our power lies in giving freedom to our clients. Rentger leads the revolution in the world of rental proptech with an innovative and simple solution.

Rentger aims to bring transparency and automation to all tasks in the rental management process.

Automatic, intelligent and usable management in one place and from anywhere.

Our principles

Listening to customers is in our DNA

We are students of "customer development" and "market validation" and use these practices to guide our product and business strategy. We know that making customer- and consumer-centric decisions is worth the long-term loyalty, growth and profits.

Great people make a great company

We know that great people make a great team and that great teams can overcome great obstacles.
We work hard to find the best team members to join our company and we work equally hard to provide a challenging and rewarding environment to motivate and bring out the best in them.
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We are convinced that:

Easy is better

We know that doing simple things requires a lot of thought and discipline and we are willing to go the extra mile to do it.

Great and innovative products are the key to a great business

Designing and building great products that customers love is the lifeblood of our business!

Small, focused teams keep us agile

We believe that a small group of passionate people can deliver extraordinary results. We believe in focus and know that we can only do a few things very, very well.

Doing the right thing is good for business

When faced with difficult situations, we always do the right thing because it's good for business, and we feel better doing it.

Our vision

Let all management companies and owners manage their rentals online in an easy, simple and automatic way.
To be the reference company in online rental management through our SaaS in the cloud.
Continuous improvement of our client's processes.
We want our clients to have the simplest and easiest-to-use rental management software, where all processes from registration, data upload or payments, have the least possible friction.
Provide the best user experience every day.

We believe that...

We exist to make great products and we focus on innovation.
In the simple, not in the complex.
That we must control the technologies behind the products we make, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
In saying «no» to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are really important and meaningful to us.


Transparency: idealista strives to provide clear and accurate information on properties and areas throughout Spain, so that users can make informed decisions.
Innovation: idealista is committed to innovation and technology to improve the home search experience and make it easier and more efficient.
Community: idealista is a community of people interested in the world of housing, who search and share information to help each other find their ideal home.
Sustainability: idealista is committed to being a sustainable and responsible platform, and works to promote sustainable practices in the real estate market.
Quality: idealista strives to offer high quality service to its users and is committed to their satisfaction.

We are leaders in innovation and design and seek to help managers and owners of all skill levels achieve maximum performance with every service we bring to market.

What do our customers say?

We are focused on our clients and we help them every day through our support and customer service.

"Very good service and also very cheap. Very good service and also very cheap. The customer service helps you at all times and helped me import all the historical data I had."
José Ignacio Martínez
Family Office 160 assets
"An excellent program. It allows me to efficiently manage all my properties, and measure results quickly, to make timely decisions. Highly recommended"
Luigi R.
Landlord and manager, +40 assets
"I will never pay for another rental collection service again. Rentger does it better, with an amazing support team! Thank you for saving me time and money"
Olivia Pons Medina
Manager, +80 assets
"Excellent application, it details everything and saves you time and helps you keep everything organized without losing money"
Pedro L.
Landlord, 2 assets
"The best application for rental management. Excellent application for managing rentals, both as an owner and as a tenant. Very easy to use, it does everything from the income tax return to reports. Totally recommended."
Ginés R.
Propietario, 10-50 activos.
"Comprehensive rental management app Complete application to manage rentals from start to finish. Keep improving!"
Héctor Font
Build-To-Rent, +1.000 assets
Without Rentger, there is no way we can grow our business. We would never have been able to handle so many properties or be positioned for growth.
M. V.
"The best rental management app I have ever used. Excellent service. It has saved me weeks of work managing my rentals."
V. Romero
Real estate 250 assets