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We adapt our service for you, depending on the size of your portfolio.

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Si tienes 9 inmuebles o menos, puedes utilizar la mayor parte de Rentger de forma gratuita.

· Gestion de inmuebles
· Contratos
· Gestor documental
· Firma digital de documentos
· Gestión de incidencias
· Informes basicos contables
· Plantilla de contrato de Idealista
· Gestión de ingresos y gastos y suministro.

¡y muchos más!

Regístrate gratis


Para gestores y propietarios con gran número de inmuebles ofrecemos:

· Todas las funciones del plan gratuito.
· Logotipo personalizado
· Plantillas personalizadas de documentos, correos electrónicos e incidencias
· Cuentas contables
· Atributos de activos personalizados
· Gestión de cuentas de operarios
· Formularios personalizados
· Gestión de visitas
· Informes de contabilidad

Sólo 3,75 € activo/mes
36 € activo/año (20% menos)

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Our plans


For owners or managers with up to 9 properties, the property management software is free!

0 € each property

Try free

· Property management
· Contracts
· Document manager
· Digital signature of documents
· Incident management
· Basic accounting reports
· Idealista contract template
· Income, expense and supply management..


For owners or managers.

3,75 € each property per month
36 € each property per year (20% less)

Freemium plan features plus:
· Custom Logo
· Custom Document
· Templates
· Custom Document, Email, and Incident Templates
· Accounting Accounts
· Custom Asset Attributes
· Operator Account Management
· Custom Forms Visit Management
· Accounting Reports


For owners or managers with large volumes of assets (more than 50).

Custom price

Contact us to request information about the features in personalized plans

See all features

Multiple integrated services

Extra modules

Upload your documents only once and access your documents from Dropbox.

50 €/year

Connect with your accounting software and have all billing up to date.

50 €/year

Connect with your customers using SMS, WhatsApp, voice, video or email.

Wire transfer

Manage payment through automatic online transfers.

Bank connection

Connect your bank account (+ 300 banks). Bank reconciliation and SEPA remittances.

50 €/year/connection

Bank debit

SEPA online collections allow you to make "one-off" or recurring payments safely.

1% transaction (max. 2 €)

White label

Customize your logo, name, invoices, URL, terms and conditions, among others.

199 €/year

Card payment

Accept payments from credit and debit cards, bank transfers and other methods.

0,35% transaction

Accounting programs

Everything you need to manage your company wherever you want and whenever you want.

We have integrated services with Rentger so that you complement your plan and can fully manage your properties.

Integrate with idealista services

Access idealista services, such as consulting BDMI, requesting an energy certificate, among others.

The best coverage for your clients or your tenants.

The best software to manage your portfolio and optimize your time.

You discover if your candidate is delinquent with the real estate delinquency report.

The best Spanish real estate CRM to grow your business.


10,8 €

por activo
pago mensual
1-9 activos
[129 €/activo/año]
Empieza ahora
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

6 €

por activo
pago mensual
10-49 activos
[72 €/activo/año]
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

3,75 €

por activo
pago mensual
+50 activos
[45 €/activo/año]
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

9 €

por activo
con pago anual
1-9 activos
[108 €/activo/año]
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

5 €

por activo
con pago anual
10-49 activos
[60 €/activo/año]
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

3 €

por activo
con pago anual
+50 activos
[36 €/activo/año]
Empieza probando nuestro servicio durante 30 días gratis. No hace falta tarjeta de crédito.

Frequent questions

Do you have discounts?

Our product has an affordable price, so we do not give discounts. We already offer our product at a competitive price. Our price is based on the savings we produce to our clients, of 80% and more.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, we do not force you to enter into any long-term contract. Our best price is an annual subscription, but we also offer monthly subscriptions.

What payments do you accept?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you don't have a credit card, we accept bank transfers. To arrange offline payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

What capacity must a computer have to run Rentger?

The program is in the cloud so you don't need to install anything. A computer, tablet or mobile phone with Internet access is enough to run Rentger. Rentger is responsive and adapts to all screens and devices. Unlike other programs, Rentger is 100% in the cloud and you can access it from anywhere, and you do not need to maintain the equipment and software.

How do I create an account at Rentger?

We will be happy to have you on board! To start saving time and money in asset management with Rentger, follow these simple steps:
You can create a free account through our website rentger.
In the top menu, click 'Register' and complete all registration steps.

There are three registration profiles:
Manager (property managers). If you manage both your own and third-party assets
Landlord. If you manage only your own assets
Tenant. If you are a tenant and want your owners/managers to start using Rentger

What is data protection management like for tenants and owners?

Rentger scrupulously complies with all legislation regarding the protection of user data, as well as compliance with GDPR, providing our clients with the technological and legal layer for the processing of their clients data.

Regarding the data of tenants, suppliers or owners of our clients, Rentger does not use them in any case for commercial or private communications, but we simply provide the Rentger tool (or Rentger white label), which is the 'Data Processor'. ', but the data is the property of our clients.

Can I hire with few assets and as I grow, add more?

You can start with one asset, and you can contract the pro plan with a single asset and add new units as you obtain them. You can register and pay online for everything, first one asset and then the following ones.

After-sales service, and how do you follow up on tenant payments?

We are located in Spain, but we have clients all over the world. Customer service is always during business hours during Spanish time (9-17) from Monday to Friday. You can resolve questions either by email ( or or by opening an incident in our help center. Then, depending on the volume you have, we give free training for clients to help in the first steps of learning the platform for both you and your workers. We also help you import the data from your current program to Rentger, so that have in Rentger all the updated data or all your historical data.

¿Se pueden hacer los pagos directamente a través de Rentger o la plataforma sirve sólo para registrarlos?

Desde Rentger se pueden hacer los pagos a través de los sistema de pago online, se puede utilizar para subir ficheros SEPA a los bancos y también para registrar los pagos bien con el conciliador bancario de forma automática bien de forma manual o ambas.

¿Quiero utilizar Rentger pero sólo algunas de sus funcionalidades?

Desde Rentger os ofrecemos una herramienta completa para llevar toda la gestión de forma automatizada. Si sólo deseas usar una parte o no quieres darle uso a toda la funcionalidad no hay problema, pero al igual que cuando contratas un crucero o compras un vehículo que puede alcanzar altas velocidades, el no usar partes del programa no disminuye su precio.
Si eres un gestor y no realizas gestión integral puedes dar acceso a tus clientes para que ellos puedan gestionar sus cobros u otras funcionalidades desde la aplicación.

¿Tienes más dudas?

Visita nuestro manual en línea en el nuestro Centro de Ayuda.

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