Automations and online payment

You set up rentals and recurring expenses quickly and receive payments online.
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Online payment

Receive your payments online via direct transfer, bank debit or credit card.
You configure, for one time, the amount and expiration dates of the rent, the account in which you want to receive payments and the accepted payment methods and that's it!

With online payment at Rentger:
· If your tenants pay late we will send them reminders.
· You can track tenant payments in real time through the control panel and notifications
· Your data and money are protected


You can automate the creation of recurring monthly rents and expenses, associated rental receipts and invoices, as well as monthly management fee invoices for managers.

Automations allow:
· For each contract, rents and electronic receipts are generated automatically with the desired frequency.
· We send alerts, reminders and communications as appropriate
· Create recurring income and movements
· Automatic alerts (delays in payment, rent updates, end of contract, ...) ·
Automatic bank reconciliation
· Document generator (contracts)
Control of expenses and payments

You manage rental accounting in one place, including expenses, supplies, deposits and deposits.

Automations and online payment

You set up rentals and recurring expenses. Manage your collections and payments online. Automatic generation of invoices, receipts and contracts. Automatic rent updates.


Reports of expenses, collections, payments, income, non-payments and delays