With Rentger you can generate, download and send different types of reports
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Customized reports in real time

All your key data updated in real time. Know your evolution at all times. Make an estimate of the performance of future real estate investments. Income reports for each property and the total of those you manage. Reports at the property level, property groups, by owner and globally.alized in real time
· Control panel
· Comparison between periods
· Classification of expenses
· Tracking collections and payments
· Tax models
· Filters
· Export to PDF and Excel
· Sending reports by email

Report Types

Within Rentger we offer different types of reports at different levels: at the general level of all the properties you manage, at the level of groups of properties (building, floors of rooms, by country, city, ...), at the asset level and at contract level.
Some of the reports you can generate are:
· Activity report and log of your users
· Income update
· Expense updates
· Reconciliations
· Accounting.
· Tax and export reports to different accounting programs such as SAGE, Navision, Golden, Prinex, Diez software, Contasol, Baseges or A3.
· Contracts in force, started and completed.
· Debt at the tenant level and by property
· Invoices issued and received
· Deposit report so that you know their situation at all times
· Reports on expenses, income, settlement, balance and benefits
· Reports on non-payments and delays in payment
· Incidents
· Calculation of occupancy, performance, IRR and rent roll
Control of expenses and payments

You manage rental accounting in one place, including expenses, supplies, deposits and deposits.

Automations and online payment

You set up rentals and recurring expenses. Manage your collections and payments online. Automatic generation of invoices, receipts and contracts. Automatic rent updates.


Reports of expenses, collections, payments, income, non-payments and delays