Communications, alerts and calendars

Rentger offers a comprehensive communications system. Advanced and customizable management of alerts and notices related to the lease.
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Email communications

Allow your tenants to file their repair requests online. Reply to request more information or arrange a visit. Notify your tenant that their request is being processed. Know at all times the real cost of incidents, resolution times and benefits obtained.
· Email tranking of all emails.
· Know the status of each email and whether it has been opened. ·
· Customized email templates
· Control panel for mass sending of communications via email
· Sending communications between the parties
· Automatic future communications


Control the sending of communications to landlords and tenants
· Assign incidents to suppliers and have control over time
· Management of keys and accesses with suppliers
· Control with SLAs and SLA notices
· Control of invoices to suppliers and payments
· Tenant portal for creating incidents
· Automation of recurring communications (rental receipts , invoices, ...)
· Mass sending of communications
· SMS communications

Alerts and warnings

Control all tasks thanks to its link with incident management.
· Decide the notice period for your alerts
· Alert calendar
· Automatic notifications: contract end, contract renewal, rental updates, visits, end of services,...
Alert types:
· Contract and reservation start alerts
· End of contract notice
· Rental rent update alerts
· Contracted services alerts
· Non-payment and payment delay alerts
· Supplier management alerts


Rentger offers data visualization functionalities in calendars and its integration with your favorite calendar
· Date dashboard
· Alert calendar
· Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook and Microsoft 365
· iCal
Control of expenses and payments

You manage rental accounting in one place, including expenses, supplies, deposits and deposits.

Automations and online payment

You set up rentals and recurring expenses. Manage your collections and payments online. Automatic generation of invoices, receipts and contracts. Automatic rent updates.


Reports of expenses, collections, payments, income, non-payments and delays