Everything centralized

Improve effectiveness and save time by having everything you need in just one comprehensive rental management tool.
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All in one

Have all the relative information in one place, and with the same 360 ​​tool.
Access from anywhere on your computer or mobile device with Internet access:
· Multi-device
· Multi-language. Languages ​​differentiated by user, so that your tenants will have it in their language. We offer the system in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Italian.
· Customizable emails
· White label
· Own URL and logo
· Responsive and for mobile

Asset Pooling

Property group management functionalities in rental property management software.
Some of the procedures you can carry out are:
· Group properties
· Management of multi-owners
· Division of a property into parts: property, rooms, garage, storage room...
· Division of expenses and supplies between properties by coefficients
Control of expenses and payments

You manage rental accounting in one place, including expenses, supplies, deposits and deposits.

Automations and online payment

You set up rentals and recurring expenses. Manage your collections and payments online. Automatic generation of invoices, receipts and contracts. Automatic rent updates.


Reports of expenses, collections, payments, income, non-payments and delays